How Do Genetic Factors Influence The Growth Of Animals?

What are the problems of livestock production?

Moreover, feed shortage, water scarcity, disease and low productivity of animals were assessed to be the major livestock production constraints [46].

Furthermore, feed shortage was found out to be the major and most important constraint of livestock production [27,37, 42, 44,47].


How do animals grow and change?

Some animals, such as people, get larger as they grow older. Unlike people, some animals go through life cycle changes called metamorphosis (met. … Metamorphosis means a change in body form. It causes big changes in insects such as the butterfly and smaller changes in insects such as the grasshopper.

What are the two main factors that influence growth and development?

Human Growth and DevelopmentHeredity: Heredity and genes certainly play an important role in the transmission of physical and social characteristics from parents to off-springs. … Sex: Sex is a very important factor which influences human growth and development. … Socioeconomic: Socioeconomic factors definitely have some affect.More items…

What are the factors affecting animal production?

Numerous physical, biological and socio-economic factors interact to influence the nature and extent of animal agriculture practiced in any region. Climate, which includes both temperature and precipitation, can affect any animals’ ability to survive and to be productive in many ways.

What is the main reason for growth in animals?

Animal growth is determined by a complex variety of factors but these can be reduced to three main categories: the animal’s gene pool, the nutrients with which it is supplied, and its environment. The common factor linking and communicating these is the endocrine system.

What are the five environmental factors?

They include:Exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil, and food.Natural and technological disasters.Climate change.Occupational hazards.The built environment.

How do both genetic and environmental factors influence the growth of organisms?

Internal and external environmental factors, like gender and temperature, influence gene expression. … Similarly, drugs, chemicals, temperature, and light are among the external environmental factors that can determine which genes are turned on and off, thereby influencing the way an organism develops and functions.

What 2 factors affect the quality of a carcass?

These factors include carcass maturity, firmness, texture, and color of lean, and the amount and distribution of marbling within the lean. Beef carcass quality grading is based on (1) degree of marbling and (2) degree of maturity.

What are the 4 main factors that affect personality development?

Heredity, birth order, parents, and the cultural environment are among the principal factors that social scientists see influencing personality and behavior. Everyone has certain characteristics that are present at birth. These hereditary characteristics include body build, hair type, eye color, and skin pigmentation.

What are the factors that influence growth?

10 Factors That Influence the Growth and Development of a ChildHeredity. Heredity is the transmission of physical characteristics from parents to children through their genes. … Environment. … Sex. … Exercise and Health. … Hormones. … Nutrition. … Familial Influence. … Geographical Influences.More items…•

How does growth happen?

The increase in size and changes in shape of a developing organism depend on the increase in the number and size of cells that make up the individual. Increase in cell number occurs by a precise cellular reproductive mechanism called mitosis. … Hence, a cycle consisting of cell growth and cell division is established.

What are hereditary factors?

Heredity, also called inheritance or biological inheritance, is the passing on of traits from parents to their offspring; either through asexual reproduction or sexual reproduction, the offspring cells or organisms acquire the genetic information of their parents. … The study of heredity in biology is genetics.

How different animals grow and develop?

The primary way that animals grow and develop is by building more cells. When an animal eats food, its body breaks the food down and uses it to fuel its energy requirements and build new cells through the process of mitosis. … To produce more cells, animal cells divide in two.

What are the factors affecting entrepreneurial growth?

The economic factors that affect the growth of entrepreneurship are the following:Capital. Capital is one of the most important factors of production for the establishment of an enterprise. … Labor. Easy availability of right type of workers also effect entrepreneurship. … Raw Materials. … Market. … Infrastructure.

What factors contribute to the way organisms grow and develop?

Organisms have unique and diverse life cycles. Animals engage in behaviors that increase the odds of reproduction. An organism’s growth is affected by both genetic and environmental factors. Growth and division of cells in organisms occurs by mitosis and differentiation for specific cell types.

What are the five factors that influence growth and development?

Five main factors identified in contributing to growth and developments at early childhood are nutrition, parent’s behaviours, parenting, social and cultural practices, and environment.

How do biological factors influence development?

Biological factors include genetic influences, brain chemistry, hormone levels, nutrition, and gender. Here is a closer look at nutrition and gender and how they affect development.

How do animals use matter for growth?

Growth and repair of body parts requires matter, which for animals are raw materials. When food is eaten, matter is broken down into simpler forms. These can be used to build or repair an animal’s body. Growth, repair, and other life processes also require energy.

How do genetic factors affect animal growth?

The growth and development of meat animals are largely affected by two important factors. The firs one is genetic factors, which it includes disease resistance, feed conversion efficiency, breed, and abnormal growth rates. … In plant feed animals, environmental factors influence the availability of nutrients.

How do genetic factors influence growth?

Normal physical growth during childhood is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. … Results of the genetic correlation analysis reveal some evidence of common genetic pathways underlying certain aspects of growth and adult health outcomes including body composition and blood pressure variables.

What are 4 factors can influence animal performance?

Abstract Numerous factors affect livestock production and productivity. In this chapter we will address those that are of paramount importance: climate, nutrition, and health aspects.