How Do You Get Boomerang Links In Awakening?

The Item Trader will trade a surprising number of things for the Boomerang.

The only items he will not accept are your shield, the Power Bracelet, Bombs, Magic Powder, or the Bow.

Anything else is fair game.

The best item to trade is the Shovel..

Can you have the shovel and boomerang?

User Info: hihi123hihi. Idk about the original, but in DX and the switch remake he only trades it for the shovel so you can have either the shovel or boomerang but not both. The only use for the shovel is seashells and the slime key anyways.

Link’s Awakening ItemsSword.Koholint Sword.Shield.Mirror Shield.Bomb.Boomerang.Bow.Hookshot.More items…

User Info: Drunkie. No, but you can buy back the Shovel from the guy at the beach for 300 Rupees.

How do you get the boomerang in Zelda?

Location and UsesThe Boomerang is an item that Link can throw, at which point it will return to him. … In The Legend of Zelda, Link can acquire a Boomerang by defeating all of the red Goriyas in a certain room within Level 1 of both the First Quest and the Second Quest.More items…

Can you get another shovel after trade for Boomerang?

The Boomerang is the last item you can get after completing the Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence. … Once inside, a once invisible Moblin will trade you the Boomerang for another item. We gave it our Deluxe Shovel and later bought it back for 300 Rupees.

Where is Level 2 in the original Zelda?

Level 2, also known as “The Moon”, is the second dungeon of The Legend of Zelda. This dungeon has a blue color theme. The entrance is found deep in the green forest, northeast of the screen where the game begins.

Here’s how Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch handles the original’s secret ending. Credits where they’re due. Complete The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening without a single death recorded on your save file and you’ll unlock a secret ending after the game’s credits.

After completing the Trading Sequence, you can grab the Magnifying Glass and finally see Goriya, the boomerang dealer, in the hidden cave on Toronbo Shores. Like the original, you can trade the Magic Rod, Hook Shot, Roc’s Feather, or Shovel for the Boomerang.

Does the Koholint sword stack with red mail?

Overall, in the end, the only two upgrades that seem to stack at all with each other are the red mail and Koholint Sword, and even then, it’s not a complete stack, as Optimusmart explains above.

User Info: AdeonWriter. You need the magnifying lens to finish the game. The boomerang is just an optional thing you can get with the magnifying lens. You don’t need it.

Martha the mermaidThe Mermaid’s Scale is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Part of the trading quest for the Magnifying Lens, it can be obtained from Martha the mermaid, who has promised a scale from her tail to anyone who brings her Necklace back.

The Red Shield can be acquired for free by throwing the Fighter’s Shield into the Mysterious Pond of the Waterfall of Wishing. By answering the Great Fairy’s question honestly, she will reward him with this upgraded shield. Link can also buy this shield from various shops around the Light and Dark Worlds.

How do you get the boomerang in Minish Cap?

Fuse Kinstones with Tingle and his brothers throughout Hyrule and four trees in North Hyrule Field will now open up. Head into each one and step on a switch and it will create a ladder in the middle of the four trees. Head down it and open the chest for the Magical Boomerang.

Where is the blue boomerang in Zelda?

The Magical(Blue) Boomerang is in level 2. There’s a room with 3 Blue Goriyas on the right side of the map. Kill them to get it. The Magical Sword is found in a cave under a tombstone in the upper right screen of the graveyard.