Question: Do Guardians Remember Their Past?

Do guardians lose their memories?

No, they have no memory of before they became a Guardian, but dying as a Guardian and getting revived doesn’t erase your memory.

Once they are guardians, they keep their memories.

(Unless they are exos)..

What happens if a Guardians ghost dies?

As long as the ghost is alive, the guardian is immortal. A guardian can only be killed permanently if their ghost dies first. One exception however is the guardian is killed with a weapon corrupted with darkness such as the Thorn, which can permanently kill a guardian.

Do guardians remember their names?

They know their names. In the grimoire it’s shown that Guardians have dreams or visions about their past lives when they sleep or die. Its safe to assume that the name persists if those snippets remain. This is evident in the names of all Exos too.

How do guardians get their names?

As others have stated, most guardians either find their name via their surroundings, or they choose a name they like from ancient texts, or possibly even go with a nickname. Most Exo’s keep the name they had before being turned into an Exo (they were previously Human).

Who killed Saint 14?

Saint-14 failed to track down Taniks, but the Hunter Cayde-6, a comrade of Nian’s, located him instead and was believed to have killed Taniks, although it was later revealed that the resilient Fallen had survived the encounter.

Are Guardians dead destiny?

Guardians are the player characters of Destiny and Destiny 2. They are resurrected corpses brought to life by the Traveler’s Light carried by a Ghost, an artificially intelligent flying robot that can assist the Guardian in tactical situations.

How tall are guardians in destiny?

Guardians are 74.1 in, or 1.881 m, according to Bungie. They are basically 6 foot.

How long do guardians live in destiny?

GuardianGuardiansAverage lifespan:ImmortalNotable groups:Vanguard Iron Lords The Hidden Titans Hunters WarlocksNotable individuals:The Guardian The Speaker Saint-14 Osiris Commander Zavala Ikora Rey Cayde-6 Lord Shaxx Anastasia Bray Lord Radegast Lord Felwinter Lord Saladin Forge Lord Timur Shiro-4 Uldren Sov8 more rows•Oct 26, 2020

Can guardians die of old age?

They don’t, pretty sure they’re immortal.

Will there be Rise of the Guardians 2?

While the movie was a pretty devastating box office bomb, DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians was well-liked by both critics and audiences, and left many wondering if we will ever get a sequel. Well, Ramsey has now confirmed that, while there are no plans at present, he would love to return.

Do guardians need to sleep?

Yes, guardians eat and sleep. … There’s references to them getting insomnia, having dreams, eating, browsing social media, recreational drug use, etc.

Who is the strongest guardian in Destiny 2?

Destiny: Every Guardian From Weakest To Most Powerful, Ranked1 Saint-14. As powerful as Osiris is, he is nothing compared to Saint-14, who is believed by many to be the strongest Titan to have ever lived.2 Osiris. … 3 Ikora. … 4 Shaxx. … 5 Lady Efrideet. … 6 Saladin Forge. … 7 Shin Malphur. … 8 Ana Bray. … More items…•

Who is the oldest guardian in destiny?

Purely from all the information we have available I wouldn’t be surprised if we discovered that Drifter is the first of the Risen. He is certainly the oldest Risen we have met so far. He was killed by another Risen on a sparrow in his first few minutes of being rezzed.

Is our guardian an iron Lord?

He’s… not very biased, here.” The Guardian is a protector of the Last City and a new-generation Iron Lord, who has participated in numerous legendary battles to retake humanity’s past from various malevolent forces.

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