Quick Answer: How Do I Get My Layers Back In Procreate?

Is there an Undo button on procreate pocket?

Two-finger tap to Undo has become one of Procreate’s most instinctive and essential gestures.

It’s also one of our most-stolen features (over a dozen apps and counting), and we’re fine with that..

Can you trace photos in procreate?

Import the photo on a layer and make a new layer on top of it. Now start tracing the photo on the new layer. You can even add multiple layers on top of the photo layer if you want to do the tracing with more than one layer. … Lightening the opacity on the photo layer will help you see what you are drawing as well.

Is tracing on procreate cheating?

Tracing is not cheating, but you may be cheating yourself out of learning to draw or improving your drawing skills.

Can you Unmerge layers in procreate?

2 once yu close an image it s saved in its current state…you lose all undos. However, you can undo a merge prior to closing the document… … You can export a multilayer file and it will save it as a PNG or Jpeg as a merged image… While your procreate file retains all its useful and versatile layers.

How do you fill in procreate pocket?

Draw an outline around the area you want to fill, making sure the shape is completely closed with no gaps. Drag the color circle from the top menu within the shape to fill the area. You may want to go back over the area with a textured brush and roughen the edges or add some grain.

How do you step back in procreate?

To rapidly Undo a series of actions, tap and hold two fingers on the canvas. After a moment, Procreate will start rapidly stepping back through the most recent changes you made. To stop undoing, lift your fingers off the canvas again.

How do I unlock layers in procreate?

1. Go to the Layers Panel. This is can be accessed by tapping the icon at the top left of your Procreate toolbar that looks like two squares stacked on top of each other.

Is there a back button on procreate?

Procreate Shortcuts Undo: To undo once, tap the screen with two fingers; hold down two fingers to undo quickly. … To bring canvas to 100%, pinch inwards with two fingers and bring them together, then quickly release.