Quick Answer: How Do I Move A Report From One Folder To Another In Salesforce?

How do I create a folder for reports in Salesforce?

Create a Folder for Article ReportsIn the Report Folder section of the Reports tab, click Create New Folder.Enter Article Reports in the Folder Label field.Optionally, modify the Group Unique Name .Choose a Public Folder Access option.

Choose a folder visibility option.Click Save..

How do I share a private report in Salesforce lightning?

On the Reports tab, hover over a report folder in the left pane, click. , and then select Share.Select Internal Users. Note Internal users doesn’t include customer portal or partner portal users.Find the user you want, click Share, and choose an access level. … Click Done, review your changes, and click Close.

What is the difference between a joined report and matrix report?

Matrix reports without at least one row and one column grouping show as summary reports on the report run page. Joined reports let you create multiple report blocks that provide different views of your data. Each block acts like a “sub-report,” with its own fields, columns, sorting, and filtering.

How do I share a folder in Salesforce lightning?

To share a folder with up to 500 users, groups, roles, or territories, use the folder sharing REST API.On the Reports or Dashboards page, find the report or dashboard you want to share and select the Share row level action. ( … From the Share With dropdown, select who you want to share with.More items…

How do I clone a dashboard in Salesforce?

To Clone a Dashboard:Navigate to an existing Dashboard.Click Clone (button)Click Save As.Give the new Dashboard a new Name.Edit your Components as needed.

How do I email a report in Salesforce?

Send Email to Reports and CampaignsIn the Sales or Service Cloud, navigate to the Marketing Cloud tab.Select an email or click New and log in to Marketing Cloud.To add personalization to the subject line, click Insert. … To add reports and campaigns to Selected Lists as email recipients or to exclude reports and campaigns from the send, click .More items…

How do you save a report?

From the action bar above the report, click SAVE. Enter a name for the report. Click OK to save. Saving a report automatically takes you to the Saved Reports section in the left pane.

How do I mass move reports in Salesforce?

You can move individual reports or dashboards between folders and subfolders in Lightning Experience….Bulk Move Reports or Dashboards Using the Metadata APIIn Workbench, click migration and select Retrieve.Click Choose file for Unpackaged Manifest, and select the file.Click Next to retrieve the package.

Can you copy a report in Salesforce?

Click Save to update an existing report with recent changes, or Save As to clone the original report without changing it. In Lightning Experience, click Clone to clone the report.

How do I merge two reports in Salesforce?

A joined report is an ideal way to see Accounts that have open Cases.Create a report using the embedded Salesforce Classic report builder. … Select the Accounts report type. … If necessary, customize standard filters. … From the Preview pane, open the Format drop-down menu and select Joined.Click Add Report Type.More items…

How Do joined reports work in Salesforce?

A joined report consists of up to five report blocks , which you add to the report to create multiple views of your data. For each block, you can add regular and summary fields, create standard and cross-block custom summary formulas, apply filters, and sort columns.

How do I change the report format in Salesforce?

Matrix ReportsOn the Reports tab, click New Report, choose the Opportunities report type, and click Create.Apply the following filters: … Click Tabular Format and change the report format to Matrix.Group the report by Type by dragging that field into the column grouping drop zone.More items…

How do I schedule a report in Salesforce lightning?

On the Reports tab, click a report name.Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu. … On the Schedule Report page, specify a running user who has access to the folder where the report is stored. … Select an email setting. … Set the frequency, duration, and time for running the report:More items…