Quick Answer: What Does Depot Mean?

Who currently owns Home Depot?

MRO company Interline Brands (now The Home Depot Pro) is also owned by The Home Depot, with 70 distribution centers across the United States….The Home Depot.The Home Depot corporate headquarters in AtlantaOperating incomeUS$15.84 billion (2019)Net incomeUS$11.24 billion (2019)Total assetsUS$51.24 billion (2019)16 more rows.

Do you say the T in often?

Often has a medial /t/ that, like similar words such has “hasten” and “soften,” was once pronounced and is now typically silent. Unlike the similar words, pronouncing the “t” in “often” has returned in some modern usage.

What is another word for collective?

What is another word for collective?combinedcommonunitedcooperativecommunalmutualaggregatecollaborativeconcertedcumulative77 more rows

What is depot short for?

Depot came into English from the French word dépôt, meaning “a deposit, place of deposit.” A depot can be a place like a warehouse where items are temporarily deposited, but we also use it for a train or bus station. In this case, think of it as a place where a many passengers are being temporarily housed.

What is another word for depot?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for depot, like: annex, depository, magazine, junction, terminus, store, station, terminal, base, lot and freight depot.

What does it mean at Home Depot?

A place where a shopper can find everything related to a particular field. noun. 0. 0. A chain of home improvement warehouse stores which combine the availability of large quantities of raw materials and tools.

What does dulcet mean?

sweet to the taste1 : sweet to the taste. 2 : pleasing to the ear dulcet tones. 3 : generally pleasing or agreeable a dulcet smile.

What does armory mean?

a supply of arms for defense1a : a supply of arms for defense or attack. b : a collection of available resources. 2 : a place where arms and military equipment are stored especially : one used for training reserve military personnel.

What does depot mean in English?

1a : a place for storing goods or motor vehicles. b : store, cache a fat depot in the body. 2a : a place for the storage of military supplies.

Which is better to work for Home Depot or Lowes?

Lowe’s is most highly rated for Compensation/Benefits and The Home Depot is most highly rated for Culture….Overall Rating3.63.8Work/life balance3.43.5Compensation and benefits7 more rows

How does Home Depot make money?

Home Depot other operating costs were $18.5 billion. These include Marketing expenses, selling expenses, handling and shipping merchandise, other indirect overhead costs and depreciation & amortization expenses. This resulted in $10.5 billion of operating profit and an operating margin of 12.6%.

What does melancholy mean?

Definition of melancholy (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : suggestive or expressive of sadness or depression of mind or spirit sang in a melancholy voice. b : causing or tending to cause sadness or depression of mind or spirit : dismal a melancholy thought. 2a : depressed in spirits : dejected, sad.

What are the 3 types of injections?

The three main routes are intradermal (ID) injection, subcutaneous (SC) injection and intramuscular (IM) injection. Each type targets a different skin layer: Subcutaneous injections are administered in the fat layer, underneath the skin. Intramuscular injections are delivered into the muscle.

Which word has the most silent letters?

For percentage, I’m going for the word “queue.” Out of a total of 5 letters, you actually say only one of them, so literally 80% of the letters are silent. If you allow proper names, the town in central Massachusetts: Worcester.

Why is the T silent in buffet?

Most Finns don’t know that the letter t in the form “buffet” is silent (and that the letter u is pronounced [y]) and are not sure how to decline this form because Finnish nouns don’t end in -t in the singular.

What is another word for home?

What is another word for home?houseplacepropertyresidenceabodedwellinghouseholdpadaddressdomicile202 more rows

Why is the T silent in Depot?

Because the T is silent, like the P in Pterodactyl. Fun fact: The “p” in “ptero-” is not actually supposed to be silent. It’s pronounced just like it’s spelled.

Why is it called a depot injection?

Discovery. The first long-acting (depot) injections were antipsychotics fluphenazine and haloperidol. The concept of a depot injection arose before 1950, and originally was used to describe antibiotic injections that lasted longer to allow for less frequent administration.

What does iconoclast mean?

1 : a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions. 2 : a person who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration.

Does the 3 month injection stop periods?

Lots of people who use the shot stop getting their period altogether after about a year of using it. Like all the side effects of the shot, this goes away after you stop getting the shot. Your period should go back to normal within a few months after your last shot wears off. Birth control shouldn’t make you feel bad.

Can I get pregnant while on the 2 month injection?

If you always get your injection on time, your chance of pregnancy is very low. You don’t have to do anything before or after you have sex. You don’t have to remember to do something every day, just once every 12-13 weeks/3 months. You can use this method if you cannot use birth control with estrogen in it.