Quick Answer: Where Should I Not Live In Sydney?

Which is the cheapest suburb in Sydney?

In Sydney’s south, the suburbs of Riverwood and Heathcote, some 18 and 36 kilometres from the CBD, are the most affordable.

With median house prices of $880,000 and $900,000 respectively, they’re the best bet for someone looking to break into the region – which has a median of $1.23 million – on a budget..

Where do most Brits live in Australia?

PerthPerth – the Brits’ favourite Around 10% of the population of Perth is British, who often choose the city for its miles of pristine beaches and high standard of living thanks to the wealthy mining industry.

Where should I move in Sydney?

Sydney inner suburbs guidePyrmont. Just a couple of kilometres from the CBD, Pyrmont is an entertainment hub for those who like to be near the heart of the action. … Erskineville. … Paddington. … Bondi Junction. … Manly. … The North Shore. … The Ryde Area. … The Hills District.More items…

What is the richest suburb in Sydney?

Revealed! Top 10 most expensive suburbs in Sydney 2019Darling Point — $7,700,000. View of the Sydney Harbour from Darling Point | Source: realestateVIEW. … Bellevue Hill — $6,400,000. … Vaucluse — $5,840,000. … Tamarama — $5,800,000. … Double Bay — $4,481,000. … Cremorne Point — $4,400,000. … Centennial Park — $4,140,000. … Dover Heights — $4,100,000.More items…•

What is the most dangerous place in Australia?

WollongongAccording to World Atlas, Wollongong in New South Wales is the most dangerous city in Australia. Crime in Wollongong often involves groups of youths who attack foreign visitors and refugees in the city.

What is the highest suburb in Sydney?

The suburbs of Maroubra, Coogee and Bondi Junction lie on steep slopes, and would have an elevation of 90 metres (295 feet) at the highest peaks.

Which is the best area to live in Sydney?

These are Sydney’s best lifestyle suburbs:Balmain East. … Glebe. … Hunters Hill. … Rozelle. … Birchgrove. … Ramsgate Beach. … Potts Point. … Forest Lodge. Located four kilometers from Sydney’s CBD, harbourside, Forest Lodge is an inner-western suburb where the median house price is $1,650,000 and the median unit price is $1,188,000.More items…•

What is the safest suburb in Sydney?

With all that said, let’s take a look at the 10 safest suburbs in Sydney here.Mount Vernon.Wheeler Heights. … Northwood. Region: Lower North Shore. … Port Hacking. Region: Sutherland Shire. … Bonnet Bay. Region: Sutherland Shire. … Westleigh. Region: Northern Suburbs. … Davidson. Region: Northern Suburbs. … Clontarf. Region: Northern Beaches. … More items…•

What are the bad areas of Sydney?

Areas to avoid in Sydney, however, include Campbelltown, which has a high crime rate, as well as Fairfield and Blacktown (listed in a recent report as the Sydney suburb with the most burglaries). Other higher-crime suburbs include Liverpool, Parramatta, and Penrith.