What Does Grooving Mean In Slang?

What does get in the groove mean?

To be immersed in a particular task and thus working smoothly and efficiently..

What means furrow?

noun. a narrow groove made in the ground, especially by a plow. a narrow groovelike or trenchlike depression in any surface: the furrows of a wrinkled face.

What does grooving mean?

A long narrow furrow or channel. 2. The spiral track cut into a phonograph record for the stylus to follow. 3. Slang A settled routine: got into the groove of a nine-to-five job.

How do you use Groove in a sentence?

Groove sentence examplesThe width of the groove cut is from 2 to 3 in. … A groove of triangular section of 30 in. … With a median longitudinal groove between the shields of the skin: Colubridae. … In other Euthyneura this groove may close up and form a canal.More items…

What does back in the groove mean?

This idiom originally alluded to running accurately in a channel, or groove. It was taken up by jazz musicians in the 1920s and later began to be used more loosely. A variant, back in the groove, means “returning to one’s old self,” as in He was very ill but now he’s back in the groove. [

What does needle in a groove mean?

1 performing well or confidently, especially in an established pattern. 2 indulging in relaxed and spontaneous enjoyment, especially dancing. informal. A groove is the spiral track cut in a gramophone record that forms the path for the needle.

What does Groove mean in slang?

Groove is defined as slang that is defined as to enjoy or take pleasure in. An example of to groove is dancing to your favorite song.

What is the meaning of bruh?

Bruh (slang), an expression referring to a “brother”

What is the process called to groove inside the wood?

In joinery, a groove is a slot or trench cut into a member which runs parallel to the grain. A groove is thus differentiated from a dado, which runs across the grain. Grooves are used for a range of purposes in cabinet making and other woodworking fields.

Has groove on meaning?

A habitual, laborious, often tiresome course of action: routine, rut, treadmill. Informal: grind. phrasal verb. groove on.

What is another word for Groove?

In this page you can discover 56 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for groove, like: depression, ridge, channel, trench, gouge, scratch, canal, valley, notch, furrow and crimp.

What is a groove in anatomy?

Groove – A furrow in the bone surface which runs along the length of a vessel or nerve, providing space to avoid compression by adjacent muscle or external forces. Examples include a radial groove and the groove for the transverse sinus. Head – A rounded, prominent extension of bone that forms part of a joint.

What is the purpose of Groove?

In manufacturing or mechanical engineering a groove is a long and narrow indentation built into a material, generally for the purpose of allowing another material or part to move within the groove and be guided by it. Examples include: A canal cut in a hard material, usually metal.

What does moving and grooving mean?

adj. 1 arousing or touching the emotions. 2 changing or capable of changing position.